28 July 2018Men Only Fitness Class


If you’re a man, 60+, unfit, don’t know how to change that, not even sure you want to, but know you should, etc. ----then this class is for you.

FITFELLAS is a circuit-based class for men only.

Mainly for the over 60’s –but no-one’s to going to chuck you out if you’re a bit younger. But you will get removed if you’re too fit.

It’s not for blokes who already use the gym regularly, or go running, or kite surfing etc, and absolutely no 6 packs allowed.

The classes are circuit based-which isn’t as terrifying as it might sound, last about 45 mins.,are not at all serious, and  involve quite a lot of poor jokes (not from me).

Contact lizmclardy1@gmail.com Mob 07746951151, Or just turn up on the day

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